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I Wish

Tutela Ideation Series

We’d like to thank all of you who took part in our first I Wish Ideation Series in November. We had instructors, teachers, program managers and coordinators attend the two sessions and, together, we generated approx 90 ideas that touched upon:

  • Resources
  • Professional Development
  • Groups
  • Overall Experience

Everyone in each session had the chance to vote for their preferred ideas from the many that were generated. The ones they felt were most important to improve the Tutela experience. The top results were:

I Wish

Session One

November 18th, 2015

I Wish

Session Two

November 24th, 2015

This was fun. Thanks"

Enjoyed the interactive nature of this..."

Thanks for the opportunity to hear from us"

Feature Session 1 Voted For: Session 2 Voted For:
Resources I wish it was easier to search by keywords. I wish resources were grouped by themes.
Professional Development I wish I could better search/filter (like advanced search). I wish the webinars could be organized via categories, admin, assessment, PBLA, classroom teaching, tutoring, etc.
Groups I wish there was a 'chat' option instead of just forum posts. More 'live' option. I wish we could organize the content, make it easy to systematically post, search, access resources.

Other ideas ranged from technical improvements, layout, how things are organized as well as support and content format. All the ideas have been collated and are being assessed in terms of feasibility and value towards the overall user experience.

To access the recorded sessions, click on Session #1 or Session #2.